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Hello everybody

Thank you for de encouragements and support. Haven't not been blogging since Monday....and today's Wed odi. I've been busy planning games and obstacles for the P5&6 outing .

I hope that Today will be an exciting day for P5&6 children. will share more with you tonite.

Have a wonderful, laughter-filled, sunny day. Till my next post....

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Either everyone is snoozing on this lovely cooling afternoon, on their way to Australia, travelling, (net)surfing, in whatever you are doing, make it worth your time doing it.

A good afternoon for me to do some reflections...

BB and GB enrolment was done with great pride by both officers and their companies. A job well done! It is so wonderful to see committment and dedication in the officers in their efforts to touch the lives of the children. Drills, social skills, survival skills etc...

The presentations were wonderful...o how the little ones danced... i saw some of the youth were "entralled" by their performance. Hahaha...

Amazing isn't it how everything is always connected.......

Last nite unc KC delivered "Generosity", "carefully managing my resources so i can freely give to those in need"

My salute to all the BB and GB officers and not forgetting the CC teachers and the CC PnW musicians and helpers by their generosity. How they have invested their time, talents and resources in the children and encourage the children in worthwhile pursuits, believing in them, nurturing them and yet not expecting anyting in return. May the good Lord look upon them and bless them tremendously!

Generosity..... a big word.............

Haih...jz read a blog written by an ex i-youth.... so sad.... so lonely.... quitted coming because we made him felt like a black sheep in the family......

"Have we try to understand him, i mean really get to know him? understand his hurts, loneliness, struggles in life??? Can't we just listen to them and be compassionate towards them?? Must we always give a solution, an advice, whenever someone pours their hearts out??"

Those were my thoughts, when i read the blog. What saith thou?

Hi, what do you know...before i even realised it, a day has passed.. so busy lately with everything. AND everyone is so so very busy too... EXAMS!!!

But inspite of everything, bros and sisters, remember to BURN in YOUR marketplace too.....

Do take care of your selves, enough sleep and rest, balanced meals and the rest.

Deliverance and worship

Last nite message was on deliverance and worship. a very relevant topic for our church. Most of the youth were there and i am greatly encouraged to see that punctuality is once again demonstrated in their character.

Prasie the Lord for this wonderful group of youth.

Ps Steven Choon prophesied on the following:
1. The children ministry: God has heard the prayers of the teachers/helpers in this ministry. He will send a group of people who will also bring with them resources for this ministry.
2. The Youth ministy: Advisors and youth leaders: That we should not be concerned with numbers. But that God will sharpen our skills to reach out to non-believers, for evangelism.

Personally for Aunty Alicia and myself, the above are a confirmation to us.

Praise the Lord.

so blessed, so grateful for the youth's gratefulness..so touched...so loved! Posted by Picasa

what a touching and wonderful surprise! the 3Rs demonstrated imediately... Posted by Picasa

the 3 Rs

"Let other know by my words and actions how they have benefited my life"

R- remember R- Response R- responsible

I was very touched by the i-Youth last saturday (13/5), when they celebrated Parent's Day for all the advisors... it really warmed my heart to see they all maturing in their walk with God and thru their words and actions, i can witness the 3 Rs in their lives.

awaiting for your love and time

Do you feel for them?
Are you free for them?

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