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Warmth & heart breaking true story clips from Coco Wang of China on 5.12 Earthquake

11Dear all.

The below cartoon reminds me of Christ. He protects us like the heros in china protects the children. I am amazed at the story. If we can feel for the earthy people we must have the same feeling for Christ or don't we? No more words can described the feeling. LOVE to the point of death!

Kok Chui

Hello. This is Coco Wang. As you know the breaking news of 5.12 Earthquake in China, almost all the TV channels in China are broadcasting 24 hours non-stop of every development and stories of all the rescue operations in all damaged locations.

I don't know how much information the BBC or any UK media received from us, I imagine the UK audiences were presented with the major developments of the incident, but you are probably unaware of many important and inside details which are only known to people inside China.

The amount of incredibly moving stories of victims, rescuers, and volunteers is simply shocking at the moment. I have been collecting newspapers of all the stories, and telling them in the form of comic strips. I hope these stories could show the UK readers the love, warmth and courage of the Chinese people, also the sad and cruel reality of the horrible 5.12 Earthquake.

I am back home in Beijing now. Thousands of heart-breaking stories are happening 24 hours non-stop everyday, some are so sad that you can hardly bear, some are incredibly moving that you just can't stop crying... I wanted to go to the front to help with all those people, some of my friends have already gone there, but I heard that the traffic needed to be kept totally clear for rescue transportation at the moment, people like me without knowledge of first-aid and experience of rescue operations going there now would cause choas and trouble... but I can't just sit at home and do nothing, I have been crying my eyes out in the past three days, I have never felt more proud of my country and people... their love, courage and kindness rock me to my core! I have decided to tell these touching stories by drawing comics. I am going to send you comic strips almost everyday from now on, I hope you could know something about the earthquake in China, although you don't have to do anything, but I hope you could feel our love and hope.

Thank you all so much.

Coco Wang


11[06/19/2008 "teEn-MAIL"]

WHAT PERCENTAGE? (part 1 of 2)

Many of you students have either completed final exams for the end of
this school year or will be shortly. Such exams bring students face to face
with questions that help to gauge how much was learned through the year.
Perhaps there is no confidence in having gotten one hundred percent of THE
ANSWERS correct, but getting ninety-nine or ninety-eight or maybe even down
to eighty out of a hundred right, might not make one feel too bad. Those
going on to college may view such scores in light of their percentile rating
with other students, knowing that is considered with regard to admittance
and scholarship possibilities.
Reading through Job, I was struck by a statement he made that could be
looked at from the standpoint of reflecting a percentage of understanding in
a manner clearly marking a vast contrast between God and mankind. Though the
actual context seems to imply another focus (which we will consider Lord
Willing tomorrow) consider Job's statement in the context of knowledge.

Referring to God, Job stated. . .
"If one wished to contend with him, ONE COULD NOT ANSWER HIM ONCE IN

For us that is a pretty low score. This is why we need to keep looking
to God for guidance. We don't have all THE ANSWERS, let alone the ability to
even sometimes ask the right questions. The reality of this contrast is also
noted by Paul when he referred to the foolishness of God being wiser than
man's wisdom. (1 Corinthians 1:25) When people begin to rely on their own
perceived lofty mindedness, they should remember what God revealed through
the prophet Isaiah where we read. . .

"For as the HEAVENS ARE HIGHER THAN THE EARTH, SO ARE my ways higher
than your ways and MY THOUGHTS THAN YOUR THOUGHTS."(Isaiah 55:9)

Recognizing how God is at the head of the class (outclassing humanity in
every respect) and at the top of the curve when it comes to knowing THE
ANSWERS, let us continually look to HIS ANSWERS to get us through life! It
is only with Him that we will be able to score high!


WHAT PERCENTAGE? (part 2 of 2)

Consider with me again the passage we noted yesterday, but this time in
what appears to be its primary context as we note its connection with the
previous verse. While Job was responding to statements made by his friend
Bildad, we read. . .

"(1) Then Job answered and said: (2) 'Truly I know that it is so:
But HOW CAN A MAN BE IN THE RIGHT BEFORE GOD? (3) If one wished to contend
with him, one could not answer him once in a thousand times.'" (Job 9:1-3

The context of this passage in Job may actually be more reflective of
our not being able to JUSTIFY ourselves before God. As our life stands
before the righteousness of God, we fall far short of the image He created
us to possess. Not even one in a thousand times could we respond with enough
merit to JUSTIFY ourselves because -- as the prophet Isaiah acknowledged in
the presence of God -- "all our righteous deeds are like a polluted
garment." (Isaiah 64:6 ESV) [or "filthy rags" (KJV and NKJV)]

Later, after God had asked Job many questions and would even do so
further, Job responded. . .
"(4) Behold, I am of small account; what shall I answer you? I LAY
MY HAND ON MY MOUTH. (5) I have spoken once, and I WILL NOT ANSWER; twice,

What response could Job give? Is there any defense we could open our
mouth to offer on our own behalf? In light of the reality of needing a
remedy beyond ourselves for our short comings, let us praise God for the
JUSTIFICATION we can receive IN CHRIST (1 Corinthians 6:11) even after we
have fallen far short of where He wants us. (1 Corinthians 6:9-10) May we be
careful we don't begin to think we can balance it all out ourselves. We are
in need of the righteousness that comes from God (Philippians 3:9) and can
become ours because of Christ (1 Corinthians 1:30) as He speaks to the
Father on our behalf. (1 John 2:1) May our life reflect a sincere
appreciation for the answer Jesus is to providing our JUSTIFICATION before
the Father.



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