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1-Day mission trip

11i-Youth is following Gan En Methodist Church for a one-day mission trip to a nearby village. Serving the community with full loyalty and relating to people without being selfish.. the i-Youth has decided to send 7 youths to take part in this trip.

So far i have the following who indicated their participation.

1. Teng Li Fung
2. Aaron Yung
3. Aaron Wong
4. Wilson Wong
5. Ying Sze
6. Yung Heng
7. Larry
8. Edwin
9. Eu Min
10.Eu Ping

Details below (from Ps Law):
Pls take note of the above date and the following particulars and respond accordingly:

a. We will meet at Gan Enn on Sunday, 1pm and depart at 1.15pm. We should be back to Miri before 5. the journey to Sg Burid Long house is about 45 minutes.

b. We need 2 4 wheel drive. I will be going. Including advisors (like you and Teck Chung) and me, can we target 10 persons? Can you find the 2 vehicles.

c. Things to prepare: Need to do the ministry in BM;
one person to share testimony;
lead in singing BM children song;
tell bible story;
do colouring competition and prepare presents;
the ministry is mainly for children;
I will do prayer.

e. This is an exposure trip for our youths. Hopefully, our youths will plan to go back more times next year.

Don't miss this trip people!!!3 seats left. First come first serve. Text me yr confirmation.

Love aV

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