HELLOoooo everybody...... Boy o boy..... i had a very full-filled weekend this week.

As usual, i had my saturday nite fever with the youth. hehe...they were great...their praise and worship was vibrant. I took the liberty to walk all way to the front and my initial intention was just to take some pictures but when i saw the way they worship the Lord, it really touched my heart. That night was Bible study nite and i am really thankful that the youth are taking up a very proactive role in the responsibilities allocated to them. I've uploaded some of the pics for you. View them at this link: www.heavenlyambassador.blogspot.com

Sunday was great too! I really had a good time with the children yesterday. They're ever so full of energy and excitement and there was never a dull moment whenever i am with them. WOW! the way they sang "When the music fades" without the music..... they meant every word! At times i am beyond words to express how i feel.....like now, hehe...

Later when i walked into the main santuary i saw Darien and his friend and my heart leaped for joy! He is a pre-christian and his very presence there makes my heart sings! (Am praying for the right timing to share the Gospel with him.)

Lastly but not least....lunch and dinner was fabulous!.. we had steamboat and BBQ at Unc Paul and Aunty Maggie's place for lunch.... i had a wonderful time there ..... Dinner..we were invited to Judy's place to celebrate her birthday...Tis steamboat with a different touch....seafood!, taiwanese dumplings! on top of everything else.... yummy...

YEAH.........Life is indeed getting better!

Hahaha.... i love Garfield and whenever i longed for Fridays to come sooner ...i'd used this as my wall paper, my Msn display pic.....
I longed for the weekends....
Why? Cause i missed the i-Youth so very much. Well.... hehe Friday is here!

Where are You*


Tis middle of the week nia..... how is everybody???? As for me... busy, busy, busy......

Hey....I am still waiting for you all to give me your sharings, words of encouragement...... AND u all dont even wanna tag har????

Sniff...sniff.... :'(

Wanna share this with you all.....

Everything is in a mess, but messiness doesn't necessarily mean ugly. When things are in a mess, there can be grace; When things are in a mess, there can be beauty. It's just like our lives, things can get messy sometimes, but it's through these moments of misfortune, we grow and learn.

As a Scorpio, I was once someone who always tried to look for perfection. But as time goes by, I realised that perfection in life doesn't exist. Things went wrong, situations got messy, and there were times when I really felt like giving up.

But really, if not for the tough experiences I've went through, I wouldn't be the person I am today.

So yes, when life is a mess, it can actually be a blessing in disguise. (Wang Guang {Li0nheart})

He has been through a lot. May we be encouraged by this sharing. LIFE GOES ON......

Tuesday already.....

Yesterday just went by......... yeah..its all work, work, work.

Now, Sitting in front of the PC, trying to update my blog.. not knowing what to write? Then, my mind drifted to last saturday nite..... XD

Scroll down and see for yourself. Have a purposeful day today. XD

(more pics : visit www.geocities.com/i_youth_miri archive)

A nite of interaction... organised by i-Youth, hosted by JT

interaction nite

2 words, 3 syllabus, guess....

interaction nite

de cool guyz

interaction nite

King David's palace? Parkson Grand? Wat?

interaction nite


Everywhere one can see slogans, banners, ads all screaming the same thing....back to school.

Yeah..after this 2 weeks break...tis back to the work again...work on those weak subjects, work on your assignments, work on this, work on that..

Bos and sisters, when life has no meaning, no purpose, it brings us a lot of pain and little gain. SO, Why are we where we are? Why do we need to work so hard? To be subjected to ridicule, humiliation, verbal abuse, pressure to perform, to excel?

Bros and sisters in Christ, we all agreed that we are all here for a purpose. WORK is THE purpose. -.- "' .

1. Tis a divine call
THEREFORE we should see it as a duty, dignity and a delight...

God worked and is still working (on us),
Jesus worked 100%,, to be indentified with man, born into a carpenter family
Adam worked, partner with God
thus WE to must work..... :p

We are where we are because that is our marketplace...and we are called to influence, to transform our marketplace.

If work is a divine calling, then all work is sacred. and therefore idleness (slothfulness) is a sin!

My conviction...Impact your marketplace....Work like there's no tomorrow.

where are YOU*

Hi.... JT once wrote "Since light travels faster than sound, people looked bright until you hear them speak"......hahaha what a jolt!

Where's everybody? Catching up with homework and assignments.... haha...last minute as always?

As for me...spent most of my free time (whenever that is) online, reading, chatting.

Msn-ing with u guys are cool....interesting. A channel of get-to-know each other better. Other times, its just a hi-bye...in church, during i-Youth....

Awaiting tomorrow, to see most of you again. Kinda miss you all.... dearly....

Hey this is Chung Hui! Oh right, my church friends call me Frank and so does aunty Vivien and the kids that went to the Sunday school outing! I had an exuberating experience there! I'm not an outdoor person myself (I rather read a book or daydream) but these primary 5 & 6 kids sure taught me about fun again. My team, persistence was great! They were all bright and not to mention persistent kids; Just the stuff Jesus needs in His family. We were like one happy family huh? Even the organizers were cool (proves that age doesn't matter when it comes to having fun hehe). I really look forward to another outing ;).



I have so much to share but i believe that pictures are worth a thousand words...C de pics for yourself....

Here i just wanna say thank you to the youth namely Frank, Leh Boon, Shariel, Ezra, Aaron Wong and Aaron Yung for helping in the P5 & 6 outing. Talking about patience...boy do they show patience....hahaha full of love and concern for the kidz too...

Fishing and flying kites ....sun-burnt skins, laughters and shouts of joy. Even uncle TC enjoyed himself.

would like to organise another outing againg soon.................

Thank you Frank, LB, Aaron wong, Aaron Yung, Ezra and Shariel for bringing smiles to these faces...... Posted by Picasa

de ever patient, persevering and persistent ge ge and jie jie ..... Posted by Picasa

Know how to fly a kite? Let me teach you Posted by Picasa

Persevere ... and you will reach your goal..Ming Yih, Grace, Esther, Calvin, Aaron W Posted by Picasa

Be persistent in all you do...Jing Jiat, Larry, Frank, Aaron Y, Eu Min... Posted by Picasa

ever of full of patience..Markie, Melanie, May Pink, shariel and Kristen Posted by Picasa

chit chat corner

if you've got dreams in your heart why don't you share them with me? and if dreams don't come true i'll make sure that your nightmares are through if you've got pain in your heart why don't you share it with me? and we'll just wait and see if it's half of what it used to be and lay it down slow lay it down free lay it down easy but lay it on me if you've got love in your heart why don't you keep it with mine? i can't promise a miracle but i'll always be trying and lay it down slow lay it down free lay it down easy but lay it on me lay it down easy lay it on me lay it down easy but lay it on me