CNY treat??

i was thinking just what to serve you all this CNY... until I found these... enjoy.. feast your eyes.. you might even get a free sample at my place. HAPPY NEW YEAR.新年快乐

This is AY's favourite dish... ever since he dissected one on his first week in the lab..


11This sushi is .......... wonderful.
Wanna try?

11 The label says it all...

Will be shopping for all the ingredients soon...

Till then...

10th January

112nd Fellowship of the i-Youth

First and foremost, we wee indeed very glad to have JT, Alvin, Moses, James visited us last night. Your presence is an encouragement to us all.

Chris, thank you for your strong and regular support for the youth. Ever since you came back, you are always with us on every fellowship. We appreciate your presence and treasure your support.

LB, thank you for your involvement and your unselfish acts of kindness in the fellowship and with the youth.

Frank, dear Frank, *smile. Do grace us with your presence every sat nite before you leave us for Down Under again.

Moses and James, though your 'attendance' were random, we appreciate you being there too.

Ah Goh! Wow... it was a surprise to see you with us. Welcome.

INDEED welcome and thank you to all who were there with us last nite, to witness the installation our new committee members. The food were in abundance!!!

Thanks Seniors in helping me putting across the whole point of last night's fellowsip.

Though we are many, we are ONE body in Christ.

LISTEN AND OBEY and the whole body will function properly and correctly.

Thank you.



11 Front row: Joshua, Ying Sze, Eli, Ali,Grace
Second row: Gab, Aaron, Ming Yih, Aaron, Larry, Wilson, Yung Heng, Emmanuel

God has given us a fruitful year (2008) and He has prepared us (40DOP) and now, we move on..Trusting Him and Obeying Him for we know that if God is for us, who can be against us.

Lord, as You make us lie down in green pastures and lead us beside quiet waters, restoring our souls and leading us in the paths of righteousness for your namesake, we pray O Lord that we will always listen for Your voice and will always follow You whenever You call and wherever You lead us. Help us to be your obedient sheep/lamb.

We entrust this year (2009) into Your hands.

chit chat corner

if you've got dreams in your heart why don't you share them with me? and if dreams don't come true i'll make sure that your nightmares are through if you've got pain in your heart why don't you share it with me? and we'll just wait and see if it's half of what it used to be and lay it down slow lay it down free lay it down easy but lay it on me if you've got love in your heart why don't you keep it with mine? i can't promise a miracle but i'll always be trying and lay it down slow lay it down free lay it down easy but lay it on me lay it down easy lay it on me lay it down easy but lay it on me