IMHO the theme talks are the best ever..the speaker none other than Dr Rev Daniel Koh from Singapore.

Lemme start on the day before the Convention.
who's who?

excited hor...I was..


11random pictures....

Goliath and David of our group..

I love this group... they are lovely and loveable people!!! See the two in orange? They are still in love...wakakaka

This is our heaven sent angel, sister to our Aunty Ming Hung, Stella. She was the Kuching City Tour guide. The way she talks reminds me of a. Ming Hung. thank you Stella for your love and hospitality. Like the towels?? hehe..

We went to the Springs...

Yung Heng, Calvin, Cyrus and Larry..see the smiles on their faces? Warmed my heart everytime they smile... Lovely lovely people

and then to the Museum...

wait... let me move the camera more to the left.... there..!!

best friends... Aaron and Edwin

Grace and Lydia

the older youth... gaya nya.. aksi betul

Si Sian, Moses, Joseph, Leh Boon and James

the younger ones..

Tell you all a story from my past. When i was just a little girl, my dad would always bring me to the museum (ya.. I was from Kuching)and staring up at the huge stone stone, he would tell me a story. Once there was a young man who would always lie. One day, he was struck by lighting and fossilized. This huge stone serves as a reminder to the villagers that lying is not good. And I would always stare up the stone in awe.

Many many many years later, i went back to Kuching.. and the first thing i look for at the museum was that huge stone. By then Ez, Ay and Eli were with me and i wanna share the same folklore with them. Looking up and searching i could not locate the stone. My dad , with a smile on his gentle face told me to look down...

there... there is your stone... My my..

at the youth convention...

discussion: how to build a twin tower in 10 minutes..
elephant? stork? monkey?

how in the world do you build towers with those??

the longest standing twin tower... Lundu group... yeah!!!

the tallest tower... Santobong group

freindship built and strengthened

team united

Moses' joy for his remedy..

more to follow....
i am very sure more posts will be out. Look out for James' blog, and Moses' blog



Youth convention itinerary

9th Dec 7am leaving for Chin Kwong Methodist Church (CKMC)
Lot 9121, Jln Run Razak, Sg. Apong,
Pending(next to Rajah Court Hotel) Overnight at CKMC

10th Dec Whole day in Kuching – KUCHING CITY TOUR Overnight at CKMC

11th Dec 9.30am YOUTH CONVENTION
14th Dec 11am TRINITY METHODIST CHURCH , afternoon DOULOS visit
14th Dec night CKMC Overnight at CKMC

15th Dec 7am Leaving for MIRI – GRACE METHODIST CHURCH


15th December: ARRIVAL : AFTER 7PM (will call when pass Batu Niah)


Calling all campers

11Latest Update!!!! You are to bring among the list i detailed earlier on to , toilet papers!!!! From: The Camp Management

Since this saturday 6 Dec, the youth are joining the Christmas Parade, briefing will be on sunday morning after sunday service.

Your transport fees $120.00 please pay up. Thank you.

"Bringable' stuff


Dear all,
Please be reminded to bring the following :
Thigns to bring: =)
1. Bible and some stationery
2. Personal toiletries - shampoo, soap, toothbrush/toothpaste, sun block cream
3. many changes of spare clothings (dress well for church service on 14 Dec)
4. money (Doulos to buy books and pay for meals)
5. foldable umbrellas or anorak or aincoat or any disposable waterproof material that keeps you from rain (December landas season)
5. Sleeping bag or just a simple bedsheet (overnight at churches)
6. snickers or runners, slippers
7. Handphones allowed (for emergency use only) but must not be in use or switched on during sessions or workshops or during activities. (will be confiscated if found in use or switched on)
8. torch light
Things NOT to bring: =(
1. any sharp weapon: knives or scissors (will be confiscated)
2. any electrical game (will be consficated if found) we encourage fellowship among campers
Thank you and look forward to seeing you all!
Organising committee

meesa Zuma Queen ..

wahahahaha... i finished all the levels... yeah!!!!!!! ChongU... R U KING yet??



11Hello dears...
All your transport and accomodation are finalised. I will work out the cost/participants and advise all soonest.

Meanwhile, continue to frequent the i-Youth fellowship for more updates on your Kuching Trip.

Proposed itinineary:

December 2004
9th morning Depart for Kuching

10th Kuching City tour

11th - 14th Youth Convention in Camp Puncak Permai, Bau Kuching

14th Visit the world renowned Doulos read more

15th Depart for Miri

Till then. See you all this Saturday. Bro Arpit will be sharing. =)


11please be reminded to attend all i-youth meetings from this week onwards to keep in touch with the latest updates. I know there are SOME ppl who join initially to qualify for the convention and upon signing up, vapourised into thin air..well, a word of advice, unless you un-vapourised yourself and appear before me every saturday nite, your name will vapourised from my list of campers too.. so do take note.

I AM NOT JOKING. There are many on the waiting list...

KGB youth convention 2008

11AS OF LAST NIGHT, 9pm, registration for the above mentioned convention is officially closed.

Please be present this saturday night at the Fellowship of the i-Youth to finalised your details with regards to transport fees, workshop selection, and others.

Thank you.

p/s i am unable to blog because i do not have internet connection.

1108/24/2008 "teEn-MAIL"]


It has been noted that the greatest achievements of mankind have been
accomplished by two types of people: those who were smart enough to know it
could be done and those too dumb to know it couldn't. It is amazing what
some CAN accomplish when others just leave them alone and let them try.
Someone else has stated, "There are three kinds of people in the world: the
wills, the won'ts, and the can'ts. The first accomplish everything; the
second oppose everything; the third fail in everything." [original source

Into which of these groups might we feel we fall? It has long been
believed that the use of "positive affirmations" CAN powerfully motivate
toward success. However, some become so positive they can't do anything that
they become amazingly successful at failure! Certainly we each have
limitations, but often times we sell ourselves short of what CAN be
accomplished either by or through our lives that we simply don't put forth
the effort.

When I consider the life of Paul, I see one who was very successful in
the work of the Lord. For sure he had challenges and setbacks. There were
times his desired work in an area was hindered, even by Satan. (1
Thessalonians 2:18) However, in his reliance on the Lord and allowing God to
do His Work through Paul, he was powerfully motivated to press on in it. Was
there a "positive affirmation" associated with His life? Most definitely!
Can there be a more powerful "positive affirmation" than the one Paul made
in his letter to the church at Philippi?

We read. . .
4:13 ESV)

I believe Paul's success in ministry was relative to the coupling
together of his "I CAN" attitude with the strength the Lord provided. It did
not all depend on Paul, but he still had to be willing to step forward in
faith and allow the Lord to use him -- and use him the Lord did! We are all
probably very familiar with those words of Paul. However, maybe it would be
a good regular exercise to recite them until we truly begin to believe them
for ourselves. If the work is what the Lord desires us to do IT CAN be done!


OMG ! What is the problem

11Do some of your friends—even Christian friends—have that not-so-great habit of saying "Oh my God!" in response to just about anything—good or bad? Like:

You: "We just broke up!"

Friend: "Oh my God! That's awful!"

You: "My parents just bought me a Mustang convertible!"

Friend: "Oh my God! What a cool car!"

If some of your friends (or even you) have a habit of using God's name like that, well, it's not a good thing. A lot of people would say it's breaking the third commandment: "You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God" (Exodus 2:7, NIV). And they'd have a point. But it's not the only point behind Commandment No. 3. In fact, it may not even be the most important point. Want to know what the most important point is? Then read this week's top story—taken from the June/July print issue of Ignite Your Faith.

More Than a Name
I caught a tiny glimpse of how God must feel when someone misuses His name.
by Jason Lawrenz

"You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God."
—Exodus 2:7, NIV

More Than a Name

I couldn't keep from grinning as I took my seat. Friday had arrived. My favorite class with my favorite teacher was about to start. And just before class, I found out that I got a lead part in my school's fall musical. It was a great day … until I overheard my name. Andrew*, a classmate two rows behind me, was saying to someone: "That Jason Lawrenz is such a … " As my head turned, Andrew realized I could hear what he was saying and he quickly changed the topic, but the damage had been done. No, he hadn't said much more than my name, but the way he said it was offensive, angry and mean. It hurt a lot. I also worried that he'd done damage to my reputation—all because of the way he'd said my name.

Looking back at that experience, I think I caught a tiny glimpse of how God must feel when someone misuses his name. In fact, God is so concerned with how people use his name that he gave us the third commandment: "You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name" (Exodus 20:7, NIV).

Obviously, God takes his name very seriously, and he doesn't want anyone misusing it. So, we should probably ask ourselves, "How do we misuse God's name?" To answer this question, we need to dive into a little history.

Centuries before Moses and the Ten Commandments, God chose Israel to be his messenger to the world. In ancient times, messengers were usually associated with royalty. Kings regularly used messengers to communicate with other nations. When a messenger delivered a message, he would first announce the name of the king who sent him. This official announcement was very important. Once he used the king's name, his message carried the authority and power of the king.

So, if the messenger delivered an inaccurate message, then he had "misused" the king's name because he said something with the king's authority that the king never told him to say. Additionally, the messenger's inaccuracy reflected poorly on the king and caused the king's name to lose some of its power and authority.

As God's messenger, Israel received the third commandment as a charge to use his name faithfully. This meant delivering the right message. God still uses messengers. He has chosen you and me to deliver his message to the world, and our message is the Gospel—the Good News that Jesus came to rescue us from our sins.

Let's bring this back to the commandment. The verse says that we shouldn't misuse God's name. Since we are God's messengers, misusing God's name means acting or speaking in ways that keep others from hearing the gospel message. This includes using God's name as an ugly swear word, but it also includes stuff like having pre-marital sex, drinking, gossiping behind someone's back, spreading lies, or treating others rudely. Doing this stuff doesn't align with the message of God's love, so it keeps our friends and classmates from hearing that message. And worst of all, misusing God's name like this will hurt him just like Andrew hurt me when he spoke my name so offensively.

Being commanded to consistently act and speak in ways that honor the gospel message is a huge challenge. After all, we all mess up. But there is a big encouragement for us: The Bible says that Christians are a "chosen people" (1 Peter 2:9, niv). God has chosen you and me to be his messengers, which means that he believes in us. He believes that we can be effective messengers.

So do you desire to be the King's messenger? If you do, then take a moment and ask God to help you. Ask him to give you the strength you need to honor his name with your words and actions. Then go into the world as a Christian and share the message of God's love. This is how you use his name in the right way. This is how you become a true messenger to a world that needs the true message.

Jason is a youth pastor in Essex, Massachusetts. He has a degree in Biblical Studies from Wheaton College, and he is pursuing a Master's degree at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.



youth participants: Target : 80 todate: 53

Warmth & heart breaking true story clips from Coco Wang of China on 5.12 Earthquake

11Dear all.

The below cartoon reminds me of Christ. He protects us like the heros in china protects the children. I am amazed at the story. If we can feel for the earthy people we must have the same feeling for Christ or don't we? No more words can described the feeling. LOVE to the point of death!

Kok Chui

Hello. This is Coco Wang. As you know the breaking news of 5.12 Earthquake in China, almost all the TV channels in China are broadcasting 24 hours non-stop of every development and stories of all the rescue operations in all damaged locations.

I don't know how much information the BBC or any UK media received from us, I imagine the UK audiences were presented with the major developments of the incident, but you are probably unaware of many important and inside details which are only known to people inside China.

The amount of incredibly moving stories of victims, rescuers, and volunteers is simply shocking at the moment. I have been collecting newspapers of all the stories, and telling them in the form of comic strips. I hope these stories could show the UK readers the love, warmth and courage of the Chinese people, also the sad and cruel reality of the horrible 5.12 Earthquake.

I am back home in Beijing now. Thousands of heart-breaking stories are happening 24 hours non-stop everyday, some are so sad that you can hardly bear, some are incredibly moving that you just can't stop crying... I wanted to go to the front to help with all those people, some of my friends have already gone there, but I heard that the traffic needed to be kept totally clear for rescue transportation at the moment, people like me without knowledge of first-aid and experience of rescue operations going there now would cause choas and trouble... but I can't just sit at home and do nothing, I have been crying my eyes out in the past three days, I have never felt more proud of my country and people... their love, courage and kindness rock me to my core! I have decided to tell these touching stories by drawing comics. I am going to send you comic strips almost everyday from now on, I hope you could know something about the earthquake in China, although you don't have to do anything, but I hope you could feel our love and hope.

Thank you all so much.

Coco Wang

chit chat corner

if you've got dreams in your heart why don't you share them with me? and if dreams don't come true i'll make sure that your nightmares are through if you've got pain in your heart why don't you share it with me? and we'll just wait and see if it's half of what it used to be and lay it down slow lay it down free lay it down easy but lay it on me if you've got love in your heart why don't you keep it with mine? i can't promise a miracle but i'll always be trying and lay it down slow lay it down free lay it down easy but lay it on me lay it down easy lay it on me lay it down easy but lay it on me