Ok, Part 2

Regarding parenting (IMHO)

Children are gifts bestowed to parents by God. Children are supposed to be a joy (hence the phrase a bundle of joy) rite? and not a burden. They are also a responsibility. Parents are merely stewards to these gifts from God....... How the children turned out will reflect on how we exercise that stewardship...think about that...

Yes, definitely bringing up children is never easy. The Bible says Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6. So then, what is the way that the child should go? Definitely it is the way of the Lord. And the best way to do that will be thru our own lifestyle. Children see, children do...we cannot just teach them one thing and if we do not uphold what we teach...it just doesnt work. We really need to Talk the talk and walk the talk too. Again, value are caught not taught.

there are basically three kinds of parents (again IMHO):-

1. The King David Type
Generation : Commitment
Characteristics: loved ppl, used things, knew God and knew His works
Priority: God first, me second
Condition: Spiritual, hot, whole hearted for God

2. The King Solomon Type
Generation : Compromise
Characteristics: loved things, used ppl, knew God BUT knew not His Works
Priority: Me first, God second
Condition: Carnal, lukewarm, Half hearted for God

3. The King Rehoboam Type
Generation : Conflict
Characteristics: used ppl, used things, knew NOT God nor His works
Priority : Me first, me second
condition : natural, cold , No heart for God

From David to Solomon to Rehoboam were three generations...
So what i am trying to point out here is that godly parents do not guarantee godly children!

Parents, youth....
Let's ask ourselves this: Which type describe our spiritual condition best? and if we choose to do nothing about it, which condition will our children most likely be in? What is one measurable change we can make which will help us as parents or our children to be in the King David condition?

Being active and serving in the Church is always good but overdoing it and NEGLECTING the family is not something pleasing to the Lord, i believe. Ministries starts at home too! How you serve your family in the Lord is a ministry by itself, a true reflection of the faith in you, the love of God in you.

Parenting...it is a responsibility no doubt about it. but with it comes love, joy, peace, patience and kindness, goodness and self-control, gentleness and faithfulness..

A word to parents (if u r reading this) enjoy the gifts bestowed to you, treasure them, cherish them, invest them in the Lord, and That day will come when the Lord will say to you : "Well done, thou faithful servant..."

See the FUN in dysfunctional?.. have fun! I am...hehe


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