Where do you stand??

11 As Jesus' ministry began to unfold, His popularity continued to grow.
After having fed the five thousand with five barley loaves and two fish, the
multitude was ready to take Him by force and make Him king. (John 6:15)
Matthew recorded that Jesus sent the disciples away in the boat while He
remained and dismissed the crowd. (Matthew 14:22) Perhaps, they could have
easily gotten caught up in the excitement of the crowd. Though Jesus would
be King, it would not be in this way. Then as the crowds continued to
follow, Jesus tried to redirect their focus from physical things to the
spiritual. (John 6:22-65) Some of this teaching was difficult for many to
accept and therefore many turned away no longer walking with Him. (John

For Jesus' closest disciples (the Twelve) to have witnessed such a
following and then see so many walk away, had potential to impact their own
view of what was to come. What were they to make of it all? Witnessing
rejection can really take away the excitement when so much momentum seemed
to have already been building.

We read. . .
"(66) After this many of his disciples turned back and no longer
walked with him. (67) So Jesus said to the Twelve, 'DO YOU WANT TO GO AWAY
AS WELL?'" (John 6:66-67 ESV)

In spite of others, where did they stand? Would they be discouraged
enough to wonder whether or not it was worth hanging in there with Jesus?
Where was the success in such a picture? Now, Jesus knew who would believe
and who would not, as well as who of the Twelve would betray Him. (John
6:64) But did they themselves know where they stood?

For us to consider where we stand is important as well. To verbalize it
helps strengthen the resolve in our own minds and solidify our stand. Though
all others leave, would we remain?

Peter's response would have not only helped establish deeper roots to
his resolve, but also encourage the others.
"(68) Simon Peter answered him, 'LORD, TO WHOM SHALL WE GO? You have
the words of eternal life, (69) and WE HAVE BELIEVED, and HAVE COME TO KNOW,
that YOU ARE THE HOLY ONE OF GOD.'" (John 6:68-69 ESV)

For Peter there was NO OTHER OPTION! That is a great resolve for us to
share as well. Let us not even leave the door open a crack for ANY OTHER
OPTION. Having come to know that Jesus is "the Holy One of God" and
remembering it is only He Who has "the words of eternal life" should keep us
from turning away. May our following never end.



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